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Update: Hip and Knee Replacements at EKHUFT

  • What is it:  Update on hip and knee replacements at East Kent Hospitals
  • Of interest to:  All staff
  • Summary:  Please see the update below from East Kent Hospitals, which details changes to the location of where hip and knee replacements are undertaken


Hip and knee replacements to move to Kent and Canterbury Hospital from William Harvey 

Planned hip and knee replacement operations moved to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital (K&C) from the William Harvey Hospital (WHH) last week, to enable more patients to have their operations this winter

This is the first step in an exciting national pilot, part of the GIRFT (Getting it Right First Time) programme, aimed at improving care for orthopaedic patients, led by Professor Tim Briggs, the National Director for Clinical Quality and Efficiency

Last winter, planned operations at WHH stopped for three months to prioritise beds for emergency patients, resulting in longer waits for patients

From Wednesday 21 November, patients will have their planned hip and knee replacements in the Orthopaedic Centre (accessed via the Day Surgery Unit) at K&C. Existing day operations will continue on site, in two new mobile laminar-flow theatres

Patients will be cared for in St Lawrence Ward at K&C, a dedicated 24-bed ward for planned orthopaedic patients

Pre- and post-operative care will continue at WHH for local patients, including Joint School, pre-assessment and post-op follow up appointments. Outpatient physiotherapy appointments will continue to take place locally

The pilot, part of a wider winter plan, will free up theatre capacity for other specialities, improve access to cancer treatment and help to reduce the number of people waiting over a year for an operation

The Trust is seeking funding to put in place the main pilot project which involves building build four modular laminar-flow operating theatres at K&C. This will enable all patients having planned orthopaedic inpatient operations to have their procedures in new, dedicated facilities at K&C during the pilot period

Planned inpatient spine, shoulder, foot and ankle surgery, as well as day surgery and trauma will continue without change at WHH this winter