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Launch of Andrology service by EKHUFT – 22 June 2020

The Andrology service run by EKHUFT for the patients of East and West Kent is now fully operational.  The period when it was temporarily ceased as a result of Covid 19 has been used to put into place changes which will improve the quality of the service. 

For full details, please click on the links below.

Notification of Changes to Andrology Service – Clinician Letter 15 June 2020

Revised Guidelines for the Confirmation of Male Sterility following Vasectomy 2020

Semen Analysis for the Investigation of Subfertility – Patient Information

Semen Analysis for the Investigation of Post Vasectomy – Patient Information

The main changes are that:

  • All semen samples for post vasectomy or subfertility must be taken directly to the William Harvey Hospital
  • All patients must make an appointment to bring their sample in:

Bookings can be made on: 01233 616145  –  Monday – Friday 08:00hrs – 16:00hrs

  • All patients must produce their sample into a tested pre-weighed pot sent out specifically for the patient by the laboratory
  • All patients are advised that current guidelines state that samples containing sperm must be analysed within 1 hour of production.

Please note that patients making appointments for semen analysis will have their sample pots sent to them at the GP surgery of their choice.   These will be sent out in envelopes marked for collection with the patient’s name.  We ask for GP receptionists’ assistance in handing these envelopes to the patients when they present at the surgeries. 

As some patients will still have old instruction sheets due to being unable to bring in their samples over the last few weeks, EKHUFT will continue to accept these samples until 1 September 2020. However, to enable the appointment system to run efficiently, after 1 September 2020 any patient turning up without an appointment will have their sample rejected.