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National Lung Cancer Audit Report 2018

  • What is it: National Lung Cancer Audit Annual Report 2018
  • Of interest to: GPs
  • Summary: Please see below a correspondence from the Care Quality Improvement Department at the Royal College of Physicians:


Dear colleague,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the National Lung Cancer Audit annual report 2018 (2017 data). A PDF copy of the report can be downloaded from our website:

NLCA 2018 annual report

For the first time the NLCA are also publishing dashboards at the level of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) providing a comparison of how early lung cancer is being diagnosed and lung cancer patient outcomes, against national results. CCGs are requested to download the full report and their individual dashboard, using the above link, and to discuss results with primary and secondary care colleagues, agreeing any necessary improvement initiatives. Over 39,000 patients were diagnosed with lung cancer across the reporting period. The report makes a number of recommendations around improvements for the management of lung cancer patients. Please do share your feedback. We are keen to continuously improve our communications and audit work