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Post Covid Assessment Service (new referral form added 29 September 2021)

Referral to the Post COVID service is for people with persistent troublesome symptoms lasting more than 12 weeks following the initial acute illness with suspected Post-COVID syndrome.

Refer for any moderate signs and symptoms where signposting is not appropriate, and a rehabilitation approach is required;

or for the Post COVID Multidisciplinary Team (MDT).

The patient will initially be assessed by the MDT, and then directed into appropriate specialist services, or signposted into non-health services should these needs apply. Suitable patients will also be supported to enrol in ‘Your Covid Interactive Rehabilitation Platform’ or face to face alternative.

It is imperative that the referring clinician is satisfied that alternative diagnoses that would account for the patients symptoms have been excluded before referral, either via pre-referral testing or secondary care review

Kent and Medway Post COVID Assessment Service (PCAS) Referral Form

Post COVID Syndrome KMCCG Flowchart