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Pathology Update: Plasma free metanephrines (pfMETs) for the investigation of phaeochromocytoma

From Wednesday 24 June 2020 EKHUFT will introduce plasma free metanephrines (pfMETs) to replace 24h urinary catecholamine (uCATs) for the investigation of phaeochromocytoma. Urine catecholamines (24h collection) will be completely withdrawn from our test repertoire on 31 August 2020.  

Introduction of this service within the laboratories at EKHUFT is a real quality improvement  and a service development which the Pathology Department are very proud of.

Patient preparation and sample collection sites

Seated sample collection for pfMETs is used for initial screening to rule out low risk patients. Patients must attend phlebotomy at one of the three acute hospital sites (i.e. at K&CH, QEQMH or WHH) for sample collection.  A fasting sample is required and patients should not eat any food for 8-14 hours before the test. Please provide a full drug history on the request form.

Requesting guidelines will be available at http://tinyurl.com/ekhuftbiochem   when the test goes live.

How to request

From DartOCM, to request pfMET collected in seated position, ‘find/add’ the tests using the following:

Find tests 
Test NamePlasma metanephrines (seated)
Test detailsPlasma metanephrines (seated) (METSIT)

The Duty Biochemist is available to discuss on 01233 616060 (x723 6060/6287) if required.