2WW Referral Form

Major features:

  • growing in size
  • changing in shape
  • changing colour


Minor features:

  • largest diameter 7mm
  • oozing
  • inflammation
  • change in sensation

Any major feature should prompt referral

Any 3 minor features should prompt referral

NOTE It is not recommended that patients with suspected melanoma are biopsied in a general practice setting


Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Commonly face, scalp, back of hand >1cm

Indicators for referral:

  • Crusting non-healing lesion with induration
  • Documented expansion over 8 weeks


Risk Factors:

  • Organ transplant
  • Immuno-suppressive therapy

NOTE:  Squamous Cell Carcinoma in-situ (Bowen’s Disease) does not require an urgent appointment

NOTE:  Suspected basal cell carcinoma: refer non-urgently via the routine dermatology clinic

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