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Although the vast majority of treatments that patients need are routinely offered by the NHS, patients may enquire about low priority and restricted-access treatments. This does not necessarily mean that an IFR (individual funding request) application is needed

Check the Referral and Treatment Criteria below.  If the patient meets the criteria a referral can be made without need for an IFR.  If the patient does not meet criteria or the treatment is unavailable, only apply for an IFR if you can demonstrate exceptionality or rarity:

  • Exceptionality – the patient is significantly different to and more likely to benefit as compared to the cohort
  • Rarity – the situation is so unusual that no policy has been warranted
  1. Kent and Medway CCGs' Schedule of policy statements (RaTC) August 2019
  2. RaTC August 2019 update - changes to previous version
  3. Kent and Medway CCGs' schedule of policy statements for assisted reproductive technologies (ART), March 2016
  4. RaTC - Dermatology
  5. RaTC - Endocrinology
  6. RaTC - ENT
  7. RaTC - Gender dysphoria
  8. RaTC - General surgery, urology and vascular
  9. RaTC - Gynaecology
  10. RaTC - Neurology
  11. RaTC - Oncology
  12. RaTC - Ophthalmology
  13. RaTC - Oral Surgery
  14. RaTC - Orthopaedics and pain management
  15. RaTC - Other
  16. RaTC - Paediatrics
  17. RaTC - Plastic surgery
  18. RaTC - Radiology
  19. RaTC - Appendix A - Applying for Individual Funding Requests (IFR) and Prior Approval (PA)
  20. RaTC - Appendix B - Procedure and diagnostic codes and audit framework

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