Rapid Access Forms


Please note that the following forms are for INFORMATION ONLY.  Please use the versions of these forms that have been included on your clinical systems, EMIS and Vision


Forms that can be sent by e-mail

  1. East Kent Urgent Direct Access ULTRASOUND Referral Form (5 day turnaround)
    1. Please submit referral via e-mail to one of the listed NG 12 NOUS providers (details on form)
    2. Referral for suspected cancers:
      1. Gall Bladder
      2. Liver
      3. Pancreas (if CT Pancreas is not suitable)
      4. Ovarian
      5. Endometrium
      6. Testicular
  2.  East Kent GP Urgent Direct Access CT MRI Referral Form (2 week turnaround)
    1. Please submit referral via e-mail to the Radiology Department at East Kent Hospitals (details on form)
    2. Referral for suspected cancers:
      1. Pancreas (CT)
      2. Brain (MRI, or CT scan if MRI is contraindicated)
      3. Lung (Chest CT if high clinical suspicion persists despite initial negative Chest X-Ray)


Forms to be submitted via eRS

  1. Brain CNS Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form
  2. Breast Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form
  3. Colorectal Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form
  4. Gynaecology Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form
  5. Haematology Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form
  6. Head & Neck / Thyroid Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form
  7. Lung Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form
  8. Skin Suspected Cancer (Melanoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma) e-Referral Form
  9. Upper GI (Oesophageal, Gastric & Pancreatic) Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form
  10. Urology Suspected Cancer e-Referral Form


Specialist Forms

  1. Paediatric Urgent Suspected Cancer Referral Form — do not send referral unless discussed with on call Paediatric Team
    1. Please ask on call Paediatric Team (details on form) for most appropriate route of referral (e.g. urgent admission, e-mail or via eRS)
  2. Pan London and South East Sarcoma Network Referral Form — referrals can go to either the Royal Marsden Hospital, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital or University College London Hospital
    1. NOTE: e-RS is the preferred booking method for suspected cancer referrals.  If this is not available please email the referral.  All referrals should be made within 24 hours


Supporting Documents

  1. East Kent Cancer e-Referral Forms Comms
  2. e-Referral Forms onto EMIS Comms
  3. East Kent Summary of new rapid access guidance
  4. Kent & Medway 2ww Patient Information Leaflet


If you have any queries either about the new forms or the process, please contact one of the East Kent CCG Cancer Team on:

ekgp.cancersupport@nhs.net who will respond to your queries


Advice and Guidance is being made available for all specialties, and is being provided by consultant specialists at East Kent Hospitals.  To make a request or to check to if a query has been answered, you will need to log in via the electronic Referral System (eRS)

Click here for the "how to access" e-Referral Advice and Guidance Manual for instructions on how to make a request and check responses

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