Patient Transport Service Booking System


G4S are the current provider of the non-emergency patient transport service across Kent and Medway.  The information provided below outlines how to book a patient transport appointment and who is eligible


How to book

To make a booking click here and follow the instructions


Benefits of booking online

Booking online has the following benefits:

  1. A simple and intuitive process to book, amend and cancel patient journeys
  2. A quick and easy process to book patients ready
  3. Access to a real-time, visual dashboard which will show anticipated pick up times, performance against KPIs and when journeys are completed
  4. A very simple self-registration and training process


Booking process

The G4S Patient Transport Booking Process includes useful information on the patient transport process for individual patient groups, such as those with mental health needs


Eligibility criteria

People who may qualify for Patient Transport:

  1. Patients who may need qualified assistance en route
  2. Patients registered with a Kent and Medway GP
  3. Patients going to or from an NHS appointment (not emergency or privately-funded care) OR home from a hospital stay
  4. Those going for physically demanding treatment, such as dialysis
  5. Those who cannot use other forms of transport because of their medical or physical condition


People who are unlikely to qualify for this service:

  1. Those who can take public transport or a taxi
  2. Patients who drive themselves or get a lift to their NHS appointment
  3. Patients not registered with a GP outside the Kent and Medway area
  4. Those who do not have trouble moving around and getting out and about
  5. Patients going to a routine appointment with their GP or practice nurse

Please click on G4S Patient Transport Rules and Funding to understand which patient journeys come under the remit of the G4S Contract,  including details of the funding sources for ineligible journeys


Contact for queries

If you have any queries, please speak to your PTS lead or contact


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