Moving Forward After Stroke Exercise Referral Scheme

The Stroke Association is accepting referrals for the Moving Forward After Stroke exercise programme at Julie Rose Leisure Centre, Ashford and Turkey Mill, Maidstone

The service provides stroke survivors with a 12 week programme of exercise delivered by instructors who have competed Later Life Training’s Exercise after Stroke (EfS) qualification. They will also receive a 12 week programme of health education sessions and Coordinator support to help them make lifestyle changes. The programme is free to access

The service is available to stroke survivors 18 years of age or over who would benefit from becoming more active


Making the referral

GPs / professionals can complete and submit the Stroke Exercise Referral Form.  If a client self refers, the health professional will be consulted to confirm this is acceptable


What happens after you have made the referral?

The Service Coordinator will write to the client to explain the programme. If they wish to enrol, the exercise instructor will perform a pre-exercise assessment, cross-referencing their observations with the referral information. An exercise programme, with goals and actions, will be designed to meet the needs of the client and their progress reviewed in weeks 6 and 12. The referring GP will be notified of the results of the pre-exercise assessment, 6 week review and the final week assessment

The referring GP / professional will also be notified if a referred client is considered to be unsuitable for the exercise programme, if they drop out or if there are any changes to their health status


Contact Details:

Stroke Association Coordinator – Ruma Kinkead-Weekes

Tel: 01622 351969 or 07515 596731 | E-mail:

Address: Stroke Association, 29 Hollingworth Court, Turkey Mill, Ashford Road, Maidstone, Kent ME14 5PP


For further information about the Stroke Association please contact their helpline on 0303 3033 100 or visit their website

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