How to Access Training and Smart Cards

Getting started

All requests for support with smartcards (necessary to use the system), booking in surgery training or requesting e-Referral support needs to be logged with  SECSU Service Desk on 03000 424242

Once a training slot has been confirmed for you, please be prepared to hold onto a number of non-urgent “Live Referrals” for training purposes.  This enables the trainer to train the complete e-Referral and Advice and Guidance process from end to end


Training will cover:

  1. E-Referral process options you can use in the Practice
  2. How to access Advice and Guidance
  3. General Housekeeping, e.g managing worklists on a weekly and monthly basis
  4. New features of the ERS
  5. How locum doctors may use the system within the practice


For more information:

1 to 1 eRS GP Practice Training


Further Training

The NHS e-Referral programme provides two training environments for end users. These mirror live e-RS and allow training on a life-like system, without the risk of accessing or altering real data

Click here to access the training environment webpage

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