Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the most important way you can reduce infections in your practice. It’s not just about soap and water though. It’s about cleaning your hands at the right time, in the right way using the right products

For the right technique see the how to posters. For advice regarding when to clean your hands see the 5 moment’s materials. All clinical staff should have access to alcohol hand rubs or gels at the point of care (so where you see the patient – the couch, chair or bed). In some areas this may mean that staff carry their own or in other areas that it is placed in dispensers or holders or shelves in the care setting.   Remember the World Health Organization (WHO) have said that alcohol hand rubs and gels are the gold standard for hand hygiene on hands that are not already soiled

See also policies and audit tools. This section will be updated regularly

  1. National hand hygiene and personal protective equipment policy
  2. Guidelines on hand hygiene in health care (WHO)
  3. Hand hygiene posters and reminders for the workplace (WHO)
  4. 5 moments for hand hygiene (WHO)


Hand Hygiene Assessment Resources

  1. Hand Cleaning Techniques – Hand Rub (NPSA)
  2. Hand Cleaning Techniques – Hand Wash (NPSA)
  3. Hand Hygiene Certificate Template
  4. 'Preventing Dermitis at Work' Leaflet (HSE)
  5. Link Practitioner Attendance and Training Record


Your 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene

  1. Chair 1 (WHO)
  2. Chair 2 (WHO)
  3. Bed (WHO) 
  4. Patient with a Urinary Catheter (WHO)

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