EKHUFT Emergency ‘Hot’ Service

“Hot” relates to emergency referrals that may have traditionally ended up as a referral for admission but now via a phone call to the Acute Physician could result in attendance at the Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) for urgent assessment and possible management via the ACU without an overnight stay

GPs can discuss urgent referrals directly with the Acute Physicians on their mobiles. If the Acute Physicians are unable to answer their phone they may delegate to colleagues or registrars during this period

Following the GP conversation with the Acute Physician if the patient is accepted for an Ambulatory Admission, the patient can report directly to the Unit, avoiding the need for an admission via A&E

The service is available at the WHH: Monday to Friday 9 am – 4 pm

Acceptance of referrals towards the end of the day will be dependent on the doctor/nurse discharge requirements. Outside this time the GP calls via the GP line and is directed to the on-call Registrar


Contact Details:  Acute Physician Mobile No: 07770 542864

Click here for the exclusion criteria related to those conditions that can be accepted onto an Emergency Ambulatory Care Pathway

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