EKHUFT and KCHFT Falls Clinic Referrals


Click the links below to access EKHUFT and KCHFT Falls Clinic referral forms and associated information:

  1. EKHUFT Falls Clinic Referral Form
    1. NB: please include a letter outlining the patient’s medical history and reason for referral, also noting that references in the form to “Tools 1/2/3” are for EKHUFT use only
  2. KCHFT Community Falls Prevention Services in East Kent Guide
  3. KCHFT Medicine and Falls Poster
  4. KCHFT Postural Stability Team Introduction Letter
  5. KCHFT Postural Stability Class Referral Form and Criteria
  6. KCHFT 'Stand Up For Better Balance' Patient Leaflet
  7. KCHFT 'Steady On Your Feet' Booklet
  8. KCHFT 'Which Falls Service?' Leaflet

Advice and Guidance is being made available for all specialties, and is being provided by consultant specialists at East Kent Hospitals.  To make a request or to check to if a query has been answered, you will need to log in via the electronic Referral System (eRS)

Click here for the "how to access" e-Referral Advice and Guidance Manual for instructions on how to make a request and check responses

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