East Kent Referral Guidelines

The demand for appointments in Neurology Outpatients is very high. It is essential that waiting times are kept to a minimum to ensure patients with serious neurological illnesses receive timely assessment and management. Patients with some conditions may be better served by other specialities or be appropriate for management in Primary Care

  • Patients aged under 16 years are normally seen by the Children’s Team with referral on to Paediatric Neurology as appropriate
  • Elderly patients may be appropriate for referral to HCOOP, especially if their neurological problems are related to vascular or neurodegenerative conditions
  • Suspected TIA should be referred urgently through the TIA clinic referral pathway – please see the EKHUFT TIA Clinic Referral Form


Click here to see the EKHUFT ‘Referral Guidelines for Possible Neurological Symptoms’ document for further information

Please note that whilst the guidelines should enable a decision to be reached with most cases, if there is any uncertainty relating to particular cases these should always be discussed with a member of the Neurology Team

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