Community Tuberculosis Nursing Service

The Community Tuberculosis Nursing Service run by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT), consists of a team of nurses with specialist skills in caring, supporting and educating people about, and those living with, tuberculosis

The service works to improve outcomes for patients with TB by offering support and leadership in managing, treating and preventing TB.  The Team's role primarily is to make sure patients comply with treatment and thus reduce the risk of transmission to others

The Team supports patients with their diagnosis and their often long and difficult treatment through education and advice, monitoring for drug side effects and support with symptoms.  The Team provides screening for household contacts and wider screening in a variety of locations in the community, such as schools and hostels, when necessary.  They also have a broader role in educating GPs, health care professionals and other organisations about TB

The Team also provides neonatal BCG vaccinations for those who meet Department of Health criteria but do not provide BCG vaccinations for Travel or Work purposes


For all BCG referrals and enquiries please contact the SCS referral point - Tel:  0300 123 3167 | E-mail:


Tel:  0300 123 1430 | E-mail: | Website:  Community Tuberculosis Nursing Service

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