Chronic Pain Management


Pain services in East Kent are run jointly by East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT) and Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT)

There is a comprehensive multidisciplinary service within community care and an interventional service within secondary care. We aim to support patients to develop self-management strategies, enhance their quality of life and reduce dependency on healthcare services


Hospital Chronic Pain Service (EKHUFT)

East Kent Hospitals (EKHUFT) provide a comprehensive range of services for patients with chronic pain across East Kent and beyond

Outpatient clinics are currently held at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, Margate; William Harvey Hospital, Ashford; Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, and Buckland Hospital, Dover

Procedure lists currently take place at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital,  William Harvey Hospital and the Kent and Canterbury Hospital

EKHUFT also have close links with the Community Chronic Pain Service run by Kent Community Health Trust (KCHFT), ensuring patients who are referred from one service to the other have more continuity of care

Outpatient Services

The following outpatient clinics are provided by the Chronic Pain Service at East Kent Hospitals:

  • Consultant-led chronic pain clinics
  • Clinical nurse specialist clinics
  • Consultant and nurse led minor procedures
  • Nurse led post-procedure follow up telephone consultations
  • Specialist intrathecal pump refill clinics
  • Spinal cord stimulator reprogramming clinics



The following procedures are performed by the Chronic Pain Service at East Kent Hospitals:

  • Facet joint denervations (for treatment of neck, upper back and lower back pain)
  • Epidurals (for treatment of sciatic pains)
  • Spinal nerve blocks
  • Peripheral nerve blocks
  • Myofascial injections
  • Botox for migraine
  • Sacroiliac joint injections
  • Sacroiliac joint denervation
  • External neuromodulation
  • Internal neuromodulation
  • Lumbar sympathectomies
  • Cancer pain management procedures
  • Spinal cord stimulators



Community Chronic Pain Service (KCHFT)

The Community Chronic Pain Service (KCHFT) is a multi-disciplinary team of expert chronic pain clinicians helping patients manage their long-term pain in outpatient clinics across east Kent, including Swale, and within two prisons. The Service accept referrals for patients outside this area if they are prepared to travel

The Team help patients manage their chronic pain by developing strategies that enhance the quality of their lives and reduce their dependency on healthcare services. They give patients an initial assessment before formulating a pain management plan with them. The Team use a combination of medical, physical, psychological and social approaches and many patients attend a pain education session followed by a five-week pain management programme. They also help patients remain at work or return to work


How to refer via e-RS:

  1. Search:  East Kent Integrated Pain Service (CCG name) RAS 1,2..
  2. Request Type:  Appointment
  3. Priority:  Routine / Urgent
  4. Specialty:  Pain Management
  5. Clinic Type:    Pain Management
  6. Instruction:  From search results choose ‘Send for Triage’ East Kent Integrated Pain Service RAS
    1. Please note that the numeric assignment 1-5 for each RAS is for reference only and does not denote order of priority.
    2. Please ensure relevant information is attached to the referral on e-RS


Contact details — For assistance with referrals please call:  0300 123 1772 or 0300 123 0946 | E-mail:  The Team will reply to your questions within 48 hours (normal working days)

Information to include in referral letter

Your referral should include the following information:

  • Diagnosis and brief history of pain
  • Details of current medications
  • Treatments tried
  • Relevant investigations/results
  • List other medical problems (summary only)
  • Psychosocial history, if appropriate
  • Any past psychiatric history
  • Details of any previous pain clinic referrals
  • Patient's and referrer's expectations



Other Information:

  1. East Kent Referral Guidelines for Chronic Pain Management
  2. East Kent Pain RAS GP Guidance

Advice and Guidance is being made available for all specialties, and is being provided by consultant specialists at East Kent Hospitals.  To make a request or to check to if a query has been answered, you will need to log in via the electronic Referral System (eRS)

Click here for the "how to access" e-Referral Advice and Guidance Manual for instructions on how to make a request and check responses

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