All referrals should be sent via the Referral Management Centre (RMC) ONLY

The RMC has access to the booking systems for the cataract providers and will then contact the patient and offer choice of date, time, place and provider

Tel: 0300 123 44 39| E-mail: clearly mark as a Cataract Referral

Address:  Referral Management Centre, Unit J, Concept Court, Shearway Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4RJ


Referral for cataract surgery:

Base the decision to refer a person with a cataract for surgery on a discussion with them (and their family members or carers, as appropriate) that includes:

  • how the cataract affects the person's vision and quality of life
  • whether 1 or both eyes are affected
  • what cataract surgery involves, including possible risks and benefits
  • how the person's quality of life may be affected if they choose not to have cataract surgery
  • whether the person wants to have cataract surgery

Do not restrict access to cataract surgery on the basis of visual acuity

Advice and Guidance is being made available for all specialties, and is being provided by consultant specialists at East Kent Hospitals.  To make a request or to check to if a query has been answered, you will need to log in via the electronic Referral System (eRS)

Click here for the "how to access" e-Referral Advice and Guidance Manual for instructions on how to make a request and check responses

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