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Interruption to E-referral Service

  • What is it:  Interruption to e-referral Service 29th March – 4th April 2018
  • Of interest to:  All Clinical and admin staff
  • Summary:  East Kent Hospitals is currently in the process of preparing for the installation of a new Allscripts patient administration system (PAS) which will go-live within the Trust on Monday 2 April 2018


To prepare for this, the current PatientCentre PAS will be switched off at 5pm on Thursday 29 March and all data will be migrated over the Easter weekend to the new system in time for go-live on the Monday.

To confirm there will be no change to the method in which 2ww referrals should be sent to the Trust during the PAS go-live period. CCG’s should continue to refer patients to the Trust using the existing 2ww email or fax number.

With regards to non 2ww referrals, patients can either continue to be referred by paper referral as the Trust has not gone paperless at this time or they can continue to use the ERS services to refer patients electronically. For patients referred via ERS they will need to note that during the PAS go-live weekend the Trusts PAS system will be unavailable for bookings for a period of time and as a result any patients that do attempt to book their appointments during this time will be converted to an ASI referral for the Trust to book manually.

We will be notifying the national ERS booking centre in advance of the planned go-live weekend so that this information can be shared with patients. This will allow the patient to make an informed decision when booking their appointment during that time.