Updated GCA Referral Form

What is it: Updated Giant Cell Arteritis Referral Form Of interest to: GPs, admin staff Summary: East Kent Hospitals has provided an updated GCA Referral Form. This form removes all references to submitting the referral by fax. Please submit all referrals for suspected GCA via e-RS, attaching the revised proforma […]

New e-RS Services Now Live

What is it: “Rapid Access Early Arthritis” and “Stroke” now live on e-RS Of interest to: GPs, Admin Staff Summary: East Kent Hospitals’ Outpatient Services Department can confirm that “Rapid Access Early Arthritis –Rheumatology” and “Stroke” (not TIA) have both gone live and are bookable on e-RS. . Please be […]

New Sarcoma Referral Form

What is it: New sarcoma referral form Of interest to: GPs, admin staff Summary: Following an internal review the Pan London and South East Sarcoma Network has revised the existing sarcoma referral form (see below for the form and full details):  . We would appreciate if you could upload onto […]

Rapid Access Chest Pain Referrals Update

What is it:  Rapid Access Chest Pain Referrals Update Of interest to:  GPs, admin staff Summary:  Please see the correspondence from East Kent Hospitals’ Cardiology Department on update referral guidance and the referral form for the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic.  Following this update, the webpage on the Rapid Access Chest […]

e-RS Orthopaedic and Pain RAS updates

What is it:  Update on the RAS’s used for Orthopaedics and Pain Services on e-RS Of interest to:  All staff (particularly those who make referrals) Summary:  Please see the following update from KCHFT on the RAS’s (Referral Assessment Services): . KCHFT has decided to reduce the number of RAS’s to […]

‘Immunisation Matters’ Day

What is it:  ‘Immunisation Matters’ Day When is it:  Wednesday 8 May 2019 | 09:30 – 16:00 Where is it:  The Village Hotel, Castle View, Forstal Rd, Maidstone, ME14 3AQ Of interest to:  Practice Nurses Summary:  NHS England and Public Health England have organised a day for both GP practice clinical and […]

Hepatology Referrals on e-RS

What is it:  Instructions on how to refer to Hepatology on e-RS Of interest to:  GPs, admin staff Summary:  Please note that referrals on e-RS to hepatology clinics are directly bookable and do not appear under ‘General Gastroenterology’.  The screen shots in the Guide below show how to book: . […]


What is it: e-RS missing referral letters communication Of interest to:  GPs, admin staff Summary:  Please see below an important communication from the CCG e-RS Leads: . In some scenarios GP practices may receive calls from Trust staff regarding a missing referral letter which may already appear as sent in […]

New e-RS Training Environment Available

What is it:  New e-RS training platform provided by NHS Digital Of interest to:  GPs, Admin staff Summary:  NHS Digital has launched its new e-Referral Service (e-RS) training environment called  TRAIN2.  Full details on how to access this training is included below: . NHS Digital is pleased to announce the launch […]